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WATCH: An MMA fighter pretends to be gay so he can live on Fire Island in this unique movie musical

What happens when a straight guy finds his dream home on Fire Island, and then is told he has to pretend to be gay in order to buy it? Why, he dances and sings about it, of course! 

Click to read at Queerty.

WATCH: The best LGBTQ+ movie trailers that dropped in March 2023

We don’t know about you, but now that spring is here, we’re looking ahead to sunnier days. But before we say goodbye to March entirely, let’s take a look back at all the great, gay movie trailers that dropped over the past few weeks.

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Carrie Ormond: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became A Filmmaker

As a part of our series called “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became A Filmmaker”, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Carrie Ormond.

Click to read at Authority Magazine.

Sydney James Harcourt Talks ‘I’m Not Gay A Musical’

A first of its kind film, I’m Not Gay A Musical stars Sydney James Harcourt, who is best known for portraying Aaron Burr in Broadway’s Hamilton and being the first openly gay cast member in the landmark production. Here, he plays Misha, an obsessive-compulsive MMA fighter plagued by hidden childhood trauma.  
Watch the interview on YouTube.

Click to read at Instinct Magazine.

'Parallel Journey' — Actor Sydney James Harcourt Relates to his Repressed MMA Fighter in New Queer Film

The premise of the new queer film "I'm Not Gay A Musical" follows what happens when Misha, a closeted MMA fighter, addicted with pain meds, finds himself being treated on Fire Island by an eclectic psychiatrist. During treatment, he falls in love with a house on the island, but learns that its potential owner needs to be gay.

Click to read at EDGE Media Network.

I'm Not Gay: A Musical Explores Sexuality, Masculinity, and Trauma

I’m Not Gay: A Musical (2023, dir. Scott L. Semer) dares to interrogate the intersections of sexuality, masculinity, and trauma at a time when few seem to want that kind of messy conversation.

Click to read at Film Obsessive.

Scott L Semer: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became A Filmmaker

"One of my jobs growing up was working as an usher at one of the last single-screen movie theaters in the state. Since only one movie played at a time, there wasn’t much to do after collecting the tickets, so I would often times stand at the back of the theater watching the same movie over and over. To this day, there are films that I’ve seen about a hundred times but still haven’t seen the first or last ten minutes. I learned that movies are almost always much better without them."

Click to read at Authority Magazine.

Alan Mingo Jr. Talks First-of-its-Kind Movie Musical

I'm Not Gay A Musical, an indie feature that crosses genres by mixing New Queer Cinema and classic Hollywood musicals, crafting them into a uniquely heartfelt story, is now available to stream on digital/VOD platforms.

Click to read at OUT Front Magazine.

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